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 The Basic Class-for-THAT Pack comes with Lucy's Little Black Book, a downloadable PowerPoint link to utilize images for in-home classes, a pack of Peek-A-Boo Notefolios for your guests, and Turquoise Glitter sample drams that fit in your guest's Notefolios.   

 The Little Black Book for teaching Lucy's Class-for-THAT ($14.99)

 Peek-a-Boo Guest Notefolios, 24 pack  ($16)

Glitter Sample Drams that fit your Notefolios, 24 pack ($13)

(Note - because the sample bottles are intended for lube samples which are more viscous than oil, they are designed with an open top and not an orifice reducer, to allow the lube to pass through the opening. Samples should be kept upright.)

Basic Class-for-THAT package $38.50

This item is for US destinations only.

*The link to the PowerPoint class images are inside Lucy's Little Black Book.  Images can be used while teaching in-home classes and/or zoom classes