Canada - Lucy's Foil Make & Take Bottle Labels

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Get these pink and silver foil bottle labels to have the cutest Make & Take on the block. They are oil resistant, lube resistant and can be used on roller bottles and pump bottles. The package of labels contains 4 sheets pink and 4 sheets silver; 8 sheets total.  Each sheet features 6 roller bottle labels for 10ml bottles.  Perfect for inner thigh potions, hormone balancing oil perfumes, or love lubes! 

Oh, I love you

I love you too

His His His

Hers Hers Hers

One for me

Two for you

Each sheet features 3 larger labels for 1oz pump bottles. They feature Lucy's favorite recipes:

Lucy Lube

Solider Serum



These beautiful foil labels are oil resistant because we know how you play!

*Canadian Destinations only